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Date:September 08, 2017

40 Years in Business

Grease Guardian manufacturers FM Environmental Ireland have been in business since 1977.

Starting off as a small wastewater company in Newry, Northern Ireland the FM Group of companies still head quartered in Ireland now have regional offices in New York, Malta and Malaysia. and are represented in over 30 countries by a network of distributors.

FM Environmental remains one of Ireland’s leading wastewater companies 40 years on. Internationally, the Grease Guardian  has become the world’s most recognised grease removal unit brand.

When you buy a Grease Guardian you can be confident that 40 years of experience has delivered a high quality, high performing, superior product. With options for restaurant’s, hotels, arenas, airports, marine vessels and shopping mauls the Grease Guardian is the number one system for stopping blockages. With it’s compact design, point of source positioning and automatic grease extraction a Grease Guardian will save you thousands in comparison to passive  grease traps installed in ground or manual undersink grease interceptors that rely on pumpers to extract the trapped waste every few weeks.

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