grease traps
Date:July 10, 2020

A brave new world

It has been several decades since Grease Guardian manufacturers FM Environmental Ltd include the term “Environmental” in its name. Before the company was FM Systems and before that Fitzpatrick systems. We have always believed in the importance of creating a culture within the company of putting the environment at the forefront of everything we do.

This year has demonstrated what underestimating nature can do to a society. The world has been knocked off its axle and we now must rebuild. But there is no point in doing so if we don’t learn the lessons of 2020. If we fail to understand that we need be careful of how we manage our surroundings as we grow within this small planet then the next global crisis may be even worse that the current one.

Look after the environment and it will look after you. Be more conscious of the damage we are doing. FM environmental Ltd sell treatment plants to recycle and manage waste water. These systems struggle if you neglect them. We sell grease traps to protect our treatment plants. If these systems do not work then we only contribute to the pollution and ultimately the global environmental crisis that has hung on the horizon for some time now. That’s why we at FM make sure our systems are the best.

Grease traps have long been seen as a nuisance, something you forced to install by law. You shouldn’t be forced to protect the environment, you should want to do it. It’s a small step installing a grease trap but so is washing ones hands or staying a socially acceptable distance apart these days. Little things matter.

We will come out of this crisis by doing the little things in life well and regularly. We will will arrive in a brave new world and we will have a chance to continue doing the little things to make the world around us safer for everyone.

So when you look around your kitchen at the money making coffee machines, ovens and fryers don’t overlook the planet saving grease trap.