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Date:March 27, 2017

Big is Beautiful

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20 litre/second grease trap. The Grease Guardian D20 grease removal units

Final tests are made on the D20 Titan Class Grease Guardian grease removal unit destined for one of Russia’s most prestigious hotels. This 20 litre per second beast comes with automated solids handling, wash-down, 4 drum grease skimming capabilities, HMI controls and BMS connection. The D20 Grease Guardian is designed for large flow applications including hotels. shopping centres, skyscrapers, airports and theme parks.

The D20 Marine Unit, a variation of the product, has also been designed for cruise liners and aircraft carriers. This state of the art grease removal system is one of the many reasons why the Grease Guardian  is arguably the most recognised brand for specialised grease trapping projects across the world.