grease traps
Date:July 05, 2015


Project Overview
Mr Alan Grech, Operation Manager at Transmed Ltd. (Local franchising holder) for Cinnabon in Malta, has complied for the discharge of waste water of the outlets, by installing the Grease Guardian Manual Trap with Fat Bio Dosing Solution Option.

Scope Of Work
At the Cinnabon kiosk in Tigne shopping mall a GT1 on a stand was installed. At the Plaza shopping mall GT2 on a stand was installed, while at the Laboratory a GT2 with Fat Bio Dosing Solution and an aeration kit with Blower and timer has been installed. Mr Grech is satisfied with the result and the smooth operation of the equipment, not only for the performance, but as well for the flexibility and the easy operation related to maintenance and cleaning. The Grease Guardian manual trap with Fat Bio Dosing Solution it is a smart way to treat waste water of Cafeteria/Pastry shop and Cake Factory.