grease traps
Date:September 09, 2016

GG Qualify for Next World Cup

The Grease Guardian is set to play a role in the 2018 World Cup held in Russia having installed over 30 Grease Removal Devices into a venue that will be used at the competition. Grease Guardians have been supplied to major sporting arenas in many countries for various different events. As well as the World Cup in Russia Grease Guardians were supplied to restaurants in Sochi during the winter Olympics in 2014. Grease Guardians have also been installed in Soccer Stadiums across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

In the USA, Grease Guardian have been installed in the Boston Garden, home of the Boston Bruins and other sporting venues. Cricket fans both in England and Australia would be interested to know that Lords and Sydney Crick Ground (D1 units installed  shown below) have multiple Grease Guardians. Wembley Arena, Old Trafford, Croke Park, Sydney Olympic Stadium and many more arenas are now being protected from blockages by Grease Guardians.


Grease traps

Grease Guardian D1 grease interceptors installed in Australia at Sydney Crick Ground