grease traps
Date:July 05, 2015


Project Overview
Grease Guardians have been installed in some of the world’s best known fast food chains.

Scope Of Work
FASTFOOD OUTLETS are an obvious source of fats, oils and solids. The most recognisable brand names in the world fall under the fastfood category. The worlds most familiar chains have included Grease Guardians into their kitchens.

Fastfood chains are always striving to reach the highest standards possible. They certainly do not want to be responsible for allowing grease to cause problems in the built up areas where such stores are found. The big names will have stores in all kinds of locations… from airports to sky scrapers. They want a standard device that can be put in any of their stores regardless of the location. The Grease Guardian is ideal for Fastfood Chains as it can be standardized at a very early stage to suit the Chains’ needs.

Daily maintenance will be carried out without question the collected grease can be recycled along with the oil from the fryers. Fastfood chains will recognize a good investment when they see it and will be glad to get rid of the cost of Enzymes or emptying inground traps that they may already have. A GG can even be installed to dramatically reduce FOG waste that enters a municipal inground Grease Trap in cases where grease traps are shared. Grease Guardian Fast Food references KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, TGI Friday, VIPS, Hard Rock Café, Pizza Hut, SuperMacs, Pictures below show McDonalds in Moscow and in Dublin. Both have Grease Guardians grease separators installed.