grease traps
Date:January 23, 2018

Stopping Fatbergs

The term fatberg is widely used to describe the build-up of grease in sewers that usually lead to blockages costing governments thousands in removal and repairs. Stopping the grease from going down the drain in the first place has been the job of the Grease Guardian for decades. The Grease Guardian grease trap and grease removal unit has been installed across the world and it is estimated that over 200 tonnes of grease are trapped and removed by Grease Guardians every year.

Fats, oils and grease from a grease Guardian

Grease being skimmed by a Grease Guardian

The grease removed by Grease Guardians is being used as a renewable energy source in many countries. Not only then is the Grease Guardian helping to prevent pollution by removing grease it is helping to source an alternative to using fossil fuels as an energy source. 200 tonnes less pollution and 200 tonnes worth of renewable energy.