grease traps
Date:July 05, 2015


Project Overview
SuperMarket Chains have been benefiting from the inclusion of Grease Guardians for years.

Scope Of Work
Supermarket chains including Walmart, Tesco’s Ireland and Marks and Spencers Hot food is prepared in the “Deli” areas of most supermarkets. This usually involves the use of a Combination Steam Oven which can produce high volumes of grease waste over time.

The “deli area” will usually have potwash sink units used to clean the trays, pots and pans used in cooking and displaying the food. Most grease finds its way into the drains via these sinks. The supermarket could install an inground trap but would be spending quite a bit per month to have it maintained.

They could introduce enzymes or bacteria to try and treat the waste but these are expensive and in many cases unreliable to the extent that the authorities will ban them. The Grease Guardian is becoming a popular choice of grease treatment with supermarket chains. The unit is easy to install and maintain and the results are immediate.