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GT Manual Grease Traps


Grease Guardian Under Sink

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ModelMax Flow rateMeals per dayDimensions Inlet/outletGrease retention capacitySolid strainer capacityHeight to outlet
Guidance onlyL x H x W(mm)
GT10.75 litres/second75700 x 323 x 340mm60mm17.5kgs2.5 litres205
GT21.25 litres/second130760 x 414 x 340mm6030.8 kgs4.4kgs302
GT32.00 litres/second150800 x 428 x 3406035.7kgs8.0kgs298
GT42.75 litres/second180940 x 455 x 3569042.5kgs10.0kgs231
GT53 litres/second2001000 x 455 x 4009050 kgs10 litres231

* note allow clearance height during installation to empty strainer basket

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Under Sink Grease Trap

GT1 (75 meals, 0.75 l/sec), GT2 (130 meals, 1.25 l/sec), GT3 (150 meals, 2.00 l/sec), GT4 (180 meals, 2.75 l/sec), GT5 (200 meals/day, 3 l/sec, 120 litres capacity)