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How To Deal With Grease Produced From Spit-Roasting Ovens?

How To Choose The Right Grease Trap For Your Spit-Roasting Oven?

A catering or food business is one of the most thriving industries which is never going to experience a recession. But the owners of the food business know it well that all the profits depend on good maintenance and management of the core operations involved. One of them is the heart
How Food Businesses Get Benefit From Grease Trap

5 Tips To Consider While Buying A Grease Trap!

A number of food service businesses around the world have dealt with unpleasant consequences of grease traps. The most common reasons are a malfunctioning or an overflowing grease trap. In both the cases, chances are that either there is a lack of regular maintenance or the installed
How Grease Traps Can Help In Reduction of Global Warming?

Grease Traps – A Step Towards Greener Environment

We all and especially the people involved in the food service business are aware of the invaluable contribution of the grease traps in keeping the business environmentally, socially and economically responsible. Grease traps often called as grease interceptors are indispensable compon