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Wet Wipes WON’T Flush

Under the current circumstances, toilet paper has become a scarce commodity in many parts of the world. Some customers have been seen stockpiling and have left supermarket supplies depleted. This kind of behaviour has been seen in some places more than others, Australia being hit in p

Coronavirus & Fatbergs

The C-word. Anywhere we choose to look online, we can’t avoid it; Coronavirus has well and truly got our attention. As varying levels of panic set in around the world, consumer habits are changing. Pasta, flour, tinned goods are all flying off the shelves. Not to mention that bottles

Andrex Allowed to Flush

On the 27th of February, the UK based toiletries brand Andrex announced that its range of wet wipes has obtained Water UK’s “Fine to Flush” certification. This certification implies that flushing the Andrex Washlets wont result in any harm or damage to the sewer systems they end up in

The Fatberg Forensics

As with any prevalent issue against mankind, the epidemic of fatbergs must be explored and investigated. Unfortunately, there are a team of scientist out there dedicated to deconstructing a fatberg. Finding out what makes them tick and what they’re made of can tell us a lot about how

Fatberg Snap Scoops Prize

Images of fatbergs are often intriguing. They also tend to be gruesome, vulgar and downright nauseating. Not this one, however. An image from a photographic exploration of how fatbergs form in our sewers has been deemed prize worthy. The photo was deemed the winner of National Science

“Don’t Feed the Fatberg!”

On Thursday the 5th of December, visitors to the Michigan Science Centre have encountered a new kind of exhibition. The shiny new addition comes in the form of a fatberg. This follows suit from a similar stunt pulled by the Museum of London. The concept behind this nauseating exhibiti

(Thanks)Giving our Sewers a Chance

The words “Thanksgiving” and “on a diet” are rarely uttered in the same sentence. The holiday is epitomised by the turkey dinner of epic portions and proportions. Every year families flock home from far and wide to eat, drink and be merry. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you sh

Robots vs Fatbergs

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A team of super robots with high-powered gadgets are helping the fight against the Fatberg empire. It sounds like the latest in a stream of big-budget action films that nobody asked for (except maybe Michael Bay) but, it’s reality. Is this what the fu

“Fascinatingly Grim” Fatberg Put to Work

“Fascinatingly grim”. This was the description conjured by Andy Holbrook that best fitted the worlds most infamous, well-documented fatberg. Andy Holbrook is the collection care manager at the Museum of London, where the “fascinatingly grim” specimen in question has been on display. B

Another 40-Tonne Fatberg Found in London

London’s Fatberg issue hasn’t gone away, yet. Halloween in the English capital produced a brand-new monster this year, in the shape of a 40-tonne fatberg. The sewer-dwelling horror show was removed from Greenwich in East London on the 31st of October. To put its weight into perspectiv

“Be a Good A**hole” Says Gollum

Hollywood actor Andy Sirkus, who voiced the infamous “Gollum” character, has donned a new, equally strange and repulsive role. Sirkus voices an animated talking anus in an anti-fatberg advert, bringing a whole new dimension to the film title “Lord of the Rings”. Sirkus is no stranger

Grease is the Word

Better education is needed to tackle the FOG problem. The Sustainable Restaurants Association and Kingspan Water and Energy to unveil a new initiative; “Grease is the Word”. The initiative seeks to clear up any issues that restaurant owners may remain unsure of when it comes to managi

Unblocktober: A Month to Save Our Sewers and Seas.

The Planet Needs Your Help.   The beginning of October tomorrow signals the start of Unblocktober. Fatbergs pose a major threat to many aspects of our everyday life. As the name suggests, the Unblocktober campaign is focused on tackling the issue of blockages in sewers across the

To Wash or Not to Wash?

We’ve all been there- you’ve just finished with your lunch and you’ve “left the pan to soak”. A more honest appraisal is a devious way of passing on the responsibility of washing up to your partner, housemate, or just generally to the next unfortunate soul who needs to use it. Well, i

Should Kleenex be Clearer?

Kimberly-Clark, the company behind the world’s best-known tissues; Kleenex, are under fire. Sydney Water are urging their citizens to consider their flushing habits in an attempt to tackle the increasing issue of Fatbergs in the cities’ sewers. Fatbergs are the result when wet wipes,

Wicklow, Ireland is the latest victim of a disgusting FATBERG

Over St. Patrick’s Weekend, Irish water has been called in by Wicklow City Council to clear out a massive 8 foot fatberg from right beneath the ground we walk on.  We are desperately urging people to be more mindful of flushing inappropriate things down the toilet.  Fatbergs are
Grease Guardian

Grease Guardian, the X series continues to impress globally.

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) are the cause of most sewer pipe blockages. All food service operators must install a grease trap or grease removal device to prevent blockages. Grease Guardian provide every type of grease trap. Our products are designed with quality in mind.  We provide a
Grease Guardian

Grease Guardian attending the 2019 European FOG Summit

The future of FOG This March, 6/3/19, Grease Guardian are joining the brightest and best FOG specialists in Amsterdam for the first time. As sewer networks come under increasing pressure from growing populations and the proliferation of food service establishments, new ways of managin

So, what is the actual cost of cleaning out fatbergs?

As the war on fatbergs continue, so too does the rising cost in fatberg removal.  As we know, fatbergs are somewhat disgusting, yet strangely comical, they give us an insight into the alien world of the sewer networks that help keep our towns and cities running smoothly.  Right under
grease separator

Grease Trap Maintenance

Having a Grease Trap installed, whether it is manual, automatic, under sink, in basement or centralized, the absolute key to the successful operation of the unit is Maintenance. Getting the correct size of Grease Guardian is the first step to the best install for your kitchen needs.